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1945 Establishment of the company
1965 Present owner Peter Komm joins the company
1980 Peter Komm becomes Managing Director on the death of his father
1982 Fritz Komm Spedition acquires Spedition Alfons Klein
1985 The company moves to new premises at Dederingstraße, 12107 Berlin
1988 Acquisition of Hermann Fritsche GmbH & Co. KG with branches in Berlin and Hamburg
1989 Acquistion of Spedition Norbert Michel in Woltersdorf
1991 Participating investment in Wilken Möbelspeditionsgesellschaft mbH
1992 Acquisition of Güter-Kinkel GmbH with branches in Hagen and Berlin
1994 Establishment of the company Engel & Komm GmbH in Hamburg
1997 Consolidation of participating investments and concentration of all foreign business at Komm Logistik GmbH (formerly Güter Kinkel GmbH)
1997 The company moves to the new Logistics Centre at the Berlin South Freight Village
1997 New shareholder Andreas Komm joins the company
2001 Expansion of the Logistics Centre at the Berlin South Freight Village (2nd phase of construction)
2001 New shareholder Sebastian Komm joins the company
2007 Acquisition of the remaining shares in Wilken Möbelspeditionsgesellschaft mbH

Komm Logistik ...a name to rely on

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